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For the LOVE of gems

Our story

We are a second generation gemstone business specialising with everything about rocks. Whether it’s raw stones, crystals, beads or jewelry, we do them all. My father started as a apprentice jade stone cutter at the age of 20 back in 1974, in one of two major jade manufacturing companies back in Hong Kong. Within a year, he was pulled from the company to partnership with other peers from the company to start a new venture. Back then the main business was all about bead making and cabochon making. Through trial and error and many businesses later he went out on his own to form his own sucessful business. Through out my child hood i was always exposed to different aspects of the business, playing around in the factory and sometimes helping to string beads etc. 

One way or another i knew i would be doing something to do with gemstones in my later years after going out to venture into other things. Since coming back into the business i had grown to love other aspect of gemstones outside of beads. We already specialised in gemstone cutting so quality stones we had but i seen a niche in quality jewelry designs with quality stones, thus KaiaSparksDesigns was born out of this niche.