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18k Gold Crystal Pipe Opal Ring

$301 $105

$301 $105

Only 1 left in stock

18k Gold Crystal Pipe Opal Ring

$301 $105

Only 1 left in stock

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★ You will receive the EXACT item/items as shown in photos. Each pieces of natural gemstones jewelry have their own inclusion which is unique and are original handmade, colours may vary slightly in different lighting type / condition / angle, or device monitors, please allow slight variance. We design and create handcrafted pieces. We assuming you to agree with this statement by placing an order, thanks for your business!


Boulder Pipe crystal opal, only small percentage boulder opal forms as pipes and most is crystal opal and as the name suggests, the opal is formed in pipe shape tubular holes when formed in the mother rock, Pipe opal forms in running lengths in the sandstone potch in single line or multiple fragments. The darker the sandstone the darker is the opal colour. If the opal cutter cuts away the potch of the opal could be lighter and translucent, so most opals have potch or sandstone covering sides and bottom. Large pieces crystal opal do have striking patterns and most people would not realize the opal is boulder opal. The pipe opal can be solid or tubular and when tubular with hole it is sometimes confused with belemnite opals.


• Approx Original Ring Size :
8 US
• Approx Table Size :
15*13*3 mm
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• Product SKU : R0120

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