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Peruvian Blue Opal Ring, 14k Gold Bezel, 925 Sterling Silver



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Peruvian Blue Opal Ring, 14k Gold Bezel, 925 Sterling Silver


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★ You will receive the EXACT item/items as shown in photos. Each pieces of natural gemstones jewelry have their own inclusion which is unique and are original handmade, colours may vary slightly in different lighting type / condition / angle, or device monitors, please allow slight variance. We design and create handcrafted pieces. We assuming you to agree with this statement by placing an order, thanks for your business!


Peruvian Opal is the national stone of Peru and it is relatively rare and can only be found in the Andes mountains. Its internal crystalline composition is random, meaning this gemstone lacks the colour play or fire of a usual Opal. Peruvian Opal is a sedimentary rock formed at low temperature from an igneous rock with high silica content. Its composition is basically composed of oxygen, silicon and hydrogen.

Its high water content makes the Peruvian Blue Opal delicate and prone to heat. Heat can make these stones lose their intensity or even fracture. The stone has an iridescent property, especially in light at the right angle.

According to fables Peruvian Opal stones is a calming stone that can pacify the mind and alleviate sleep issues. Sleeping with a Peruvian opal is believed to cure subconscious pain from your past.

This stone has the power of relaxation, tradition tells us that it can take away any tension from communications and will allow ideas to flow generously. It is an excellent stone for calming the mind and considered useful for a good nights sleep.

This stone correlates to the heart chakra, the energy centralized with concern and communication. The blue opal is said to be the most powerful of all healing stones. It can increase creativeness and inspiration, the stone is associated with good luck.


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• Product SKU : R0112

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