Rainbow Tourmaline Ring


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★ You will receive the SAME QUALITY of item/items as shown in photos selected randomly. Each pieces of natural gemstones jewelry have their own inclusion which is unique and are original handmade, colours may vary slightly in different lighting type / condition / angle, or device monitors, please allow slight variance. We design and create handcrafted pieces. We assuming you to agree with this statement by placing an order, thanks for your business!


Tourmaline is a form of silicate and grows in a trigonal crystal system, producing prismatic shapes with terminations of multiple facets. These crystals are often vertically ridged (or striated). Quartz can often be found with inclusions of tourmaline embedded into their structure – showing as opaque, black flecks.

Tourmaline gemstone is a semi-precious mineral similar to granite. With colors ranging from magenta to teal-blue, meadow-green to vibrant yellow, and even black, tourmaline gets its name from the Singhalese phrase “tura mali,” which means, “stone mixed with vibrant colors.” It’s believed that no two tourmaline stones have the exact same color and it’s historically revered as a “magic” stone that is capable of protecting whoever wore it. Although it might be a stretch to say tourmaline has supernatural powers, it does have the uncommon and very special ability to generate an electric charge and emit negative ions and far infrared rays.


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adjustable (one size fits all)
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8*6*5 mm
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• Product SKU : SR0011

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Rainbow Tourmaline Ring



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